Perm deputies want to spend millions on news about themselves

Election campaign.  Ekaterinburg, cash, money, cash, newspaper everything as it is

The Perm City Duma announced a competition for the provision of services for posting news and articles about its activities in print media. It is planned to spend more than six million rubles for these purposes.

“The customer is the Perm City Duma. Public information services through periodicals. The initial, also known as the maximum contract price, is 6,075,000 rubles,” according to the lot description published in the automated bidding system of Sberbank.

It is clarified that publications must be distributed in print media with a circulation of 2,000 to 20,000 copies. These include full-color magazines, newspapers aimed at subscriptions and retail sales, and free newspapers distributed to addresses. In addition, each publication is required to have its own website, on which publications about the activities of the Perm City Duma should be duplicated. Applications for participation from Perm media will be accepted until December 15.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that the Perm City Duma announced a competition for the placement of information videos about its activities on radio stations. The corresponding services were valued at 700 thousand rubles.


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