“Perhaps it’s enough to stand on ceremony with Lithuania?” – State Duma deputy on the refusal of Vilnius


    Lithuania refused to create a green corridor for transit to the Kaliningrad region.

    Advisor to the President of the Republic of Lithuania Asta Skaisgirytė stated that official Vilnius would not agree to the creation of green corridors for the transit of goods to the Kaliningrad region.

    “It is necessary not only to prohibit the transit of goods from the sanctions list, but also control. Therefore, when someone talks about green corridors in public space, we emphasize that there can be no thought that Lithuania does not control what is happening on its territory,” she said on the air of the national radio LRT.

    At the same time, the presidential adviser stressed that the Lithuanian authorities were allegedly not involved in the restrictive measures for Kaliningrad transit.

    “Lithuania is implementing European sanctions, this is a matter of European regulation. This is not a matter for Lithuania and Kaliningrad, but for the EU and Russia,” she said.

    State Duma deputy from the Kaliningrad region Andrei Kolesnik has already commented on the words of the Lithuanian official in his TG channel:

    “Maybe it’s already enough to stand on ceremony with Lithuania?”

    Today it became known that the presidents of Poland and Lithuania and their defense ministers will meet in the area of ​​the Suwalki corridor, which separates the Kaliningrad region from allied Belarus. In the media, this meeting is called “Visit to a NATO Hot Spot”.


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