Performances based on the work of Borodina, who sponsors the Armed Forces of Ukraine, are being staged at the Moscow Youth Theater

In the Moscow Youth Theater there are performances based on the work of Borodina, who sponsors the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Performances at the Moscow Theater for Young Spectators Kamy Ginkas based on a work by a playwright sponsoring the Armed Forces of Ukraine Polina Borodina. The next performance called “Exodus” is scheduled for May 18.

Immediately after the start of the special operation, Polina Borodina left for Germany. At the same time, through her social networks, she openly collects money. “for the rehabilitation of Ukrainian servicemen”.

According to the official description, the production of Exodus is an acutely social drama by playwright Borodina about the forced loss or erasure of memory as an escape from reality. However, in the theater, in order to avoid unnecessary talk about the writer sponsoring the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they simply removed the name of Borodina from the poster.

Previously IA REGNUM reported, State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov said that it would be better for artists supporting the Kiev regime to leave Russia. In case they realize their guilt for criticizing the special operation, they should apologize by going to the war zone and performing concerts and creative evenings in front of the Russian military.


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