Perez won a lawsuit against El Confidencial, which leaked records of his harsh remarks about Real Madrid players. He was awarded 1 euro in compensation, and the publication was banned from publishing audio – Football

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The president Real Madrid won a lawsuit against the online newspaper El Confidential.

The publication last year leaked recordings of conversations with Florentino Perez, where he speaks too harshly about the club’s players and coaches. In particular, he called Ronaldo an idiot, Del Bosque an idiot, Raul and Casillas swindlers. The entries were old, the latest being 2012.

The verdict obliges El Confidencial to pay Perez one euro (a symbolic amount requested by the President of Real Madrid) for violating his right to the protection of honor and dignity and obliges the publication to stop publishing any audio material that directly concerns him.

The judge believes that the entries are “completely taken out of context” and that the online newspaper has exceeded its right to information, although Perez’s right to privacy has not been violated.

“The form and content of the publications show that, according to the plaintiff, the goal was to undermine the public image all along Florentino Perez, presenting him as a deceitful, conniving man who puts his own interests above those of the club he runs. And this, in fact, violates his right to the protection of honor and dignity,” the resolution says.

On the other hand, the judge rejected part of the lawsuit against journalist José Antonio Abellan, considering that the material he recorded, despite the fact that it was made without consent, did not violate anything. And there is no evidence that Abellan was the author of the leak.

Ronaldo is an idiot, Del Bosque is an idiot, Raul and Casillas are swindlers. We collected the main quotes of Perez, which were leaked to the network

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