People lose their nerves plus autumn, hence the shooting – political scientist

The last three high-profile cases of attacks with firearms in Russia occurred on the same day – September 26th. He spoke about the possible reasons in a comment to General Director of the Center for the Development of Regional Policy (CRRP) Ilya Grashchenkov.

He said that he himself miraculously did not become a victim of a shooter in the 16 tons club, as he dined at this institution five minutes before the incident.

“People are losing their nerves. Firstly, everyone lives for a whole year … First, the coronavirus shook people’s psyches. Then for a year everyone lives in a situation of uncertainty. And now it has begun in general … Firstly, it coincided – autumn. In autumn, mental illnesses are traditionally aggravated. Secondly, of course, absolutely crazy information heat. This is all that is happening – both mobilization and a ban on leaving, ”the political scientist expressed his point of view.

The head of the CRRP noted that people have panic attacks, which can spill out in the form of aggression.

“I don’t know why the shooting started. It could very well have exploded. That is, irritation, outgrowing … A person has a weapon. He pulls out and… And it happened at school, and so on, I think it’s a combination, of course. It often happens that the general emotional background is superimposed on chronic exacerbations, ”explained Grashchenkov.

As reported EADaily September 26 in Izhevsk 34-year-old mentally ill Artem Kazantsev staged a columbine at his former school, killing 17 and injuring 21 people. He committed suicide himself. In Ust-Ilimsk, a 25-year-old Ruslan Zinin shot the local military commissar because of the summons that his friend received. In the Moscow club “16 tons”, a 58-year-old visitor, being drunk, wounded a guard with a carbine.

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