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people in Tatarstan continue sawing crosses in cemeteries — EADaily, June 15, 2022 — Politics News, Russia News


In Aktanysh (regional center in the east of Tatarstan), unknown people sawed off a cross on a grave again Viktor Smirnov, scattered flowers and wreaths. For the first time, the same act of vandalism occurred on October 9 last year – 2 weeks after the funeral. Local authorities have not found the culprits.

It should be recalled that even during the funeral, the cemetery watchman informed the relatives of the late Smirnov that it was undesirable to install a cross on his grave, since this was not approved by the district mukhtasib Ruslan Murtazin. At the same time, the cemetery is not confessional (Muslim), but has the status of a public (municipal) one. Then the relatives did not heed the warning and put a cross on the grave, which was soon cut down. The district police opened a criminal case, but they were in no hurry to search for the vandals, and as a result, the case was suspended. An attempt by relatives to get through to the district authorities did not give anything: deputy. Head of the Aktanyshsky District of the Republic of Tatarstan Raykhan Galimyanova during a meeting with them, she said that “Aktanysh is a purely Tatar region, which is trying with all its might to preserve the Tatar language and the existing “national purity”.“”.

Relatives, discouraged by this answer, turned to the media, and only after that the situation began to change. The prosecutor’s office of Tatarstan demanded to reopen a criminal case, President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov publicly indignant at the dense nationalism of local officials (Galimyanova resigned), the head of the Aktanysh district Engel Fattakhov after a shout from the Kazan Kremlin, he met with relatives and promised that the vandals would be found, and explanatory work would be carried out with the local population. As a result, Fattakhov, who had long established himself as a stubborn and narrow-minded nationalist, managed to sit in the chair of the head of the district.

Relatives of the deceased were forced to install a new cross. However, on June 9, they discovered that the new cross had been cut down again, and someone had pogrom on the grave. As a result, the relatives of the deceased are already in plain text accused the head of the Aktanysh district that he is not doing anything. As a result, Fattakhov announced his resignation, adding that the repeated baptism was someone’s provocation.

However, Fattakhov found intercessors in the Kazan Kremlin. Formally, he continues to be the head of the Aktanysh district, since the resignation can be accepted at a meeting of the Council of Deputies of the district. And when this meeting will take place, no one knows.

We add that after the first act of vandalism, the family of the late Viktor Smirnov, who was seeking justice, began to persecute the Tatar nationalists. Moreover, for some unknown reason, the chief mukhtasib of Kazan for some reason joined the story of the desecration of the grave in Aktanysh Rustam Valiullin, demanding certificates from the family of the deceased that he was a Christian during his lifetime, which in itself is unworthy of a clergyman. When the relatives provided a certificate that the late Viktor Smirnov was baptized, Valiullin did not calm down even then, trying to question the depth of the deceased’s religious feelings. Even the Bishop of Almetyevsk and Bugulminsky was forced to intervene in the situation. Methodius (Zaitsev), whose jurisdiction includes Aktanyshsky district. He appealed to the Department for Interaction with Religious Associations of the Office of the President of Tatarstan in order to calm down the Kazan mukhtasib, who had nothing to do with Aktanysh.

By the way, in Aktanysh himself, the authorities in every possible way impede the construction of an Orthodox church, apparently guided by the desire to preserve “national purity”.

Whether the vandals will be found this time is unknown. What remains to be done by the relatives of the deceased? They say that God loves the trinity – perhaps the cross will have to be erected for the third time … It should be noted that Aktanyshsky district is the small birthplace of the first president of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev, who has always sought to demonstrate that the republic is an example of interethnic and interreligious harmony for all of Russia. Now it is clear that all this is a big exaggeration.

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