Pentagon: We tightened control over US airspace

Washington explained the increased number of detected objects in the air by strengthening air defense control

The Pentagon explained the increase in the number of detected air targets by “increasing control” over US airspace, Fox News reported on February 12.

US Air Force F-22 fighters

US Air Force F-22 fighters

US Air Force

Hours after U.S. fighter jet shot down ‘unidentified object’ over Lake Huron, Assistant Secretary of Defense Melissa Dalton and Chief of the North American Aerospace Defense Command Gen. Glen van Herk held a press conference.

On it, Dalton explained the increase in the number of detections and destruction of unidentified flying objects by increasing control over US airspace and strengthening air defense radar systems.

She said the military was not yet able to definitively assess what those facilities were, and so they acted out of greater caution to protect US security and interests.

“These most recent objects did not pose a kinetic military threat, but their direction of flight and proximity to important US Department of Defense installations, as well as the altitude at which they flew, could pose a danger to civil aviation and, thus, caused our concern”Dalton said.

Recall that the US air defense shot down four air targets over the territory of North America in the last eight.

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