Pentagon Chief: Rise in China’s Support for Russia Raises Concerns

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow showed China’s support for Russia, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin said at a hearing in the House Appropriations Committee. The minister said that this was of concern to the US.

As Mr. Austin clarified, the US sees no evidence that China is providing material support to Russia. “If they decided on this, I think it would cause serious concern among the world community. But even the expression of support from the chairman (PRC.— “b”), in my opinion, is a matter of concern,” he added (quoted by TASS).

Xi Jinping paid a three-day visit to the Russian capital on March 20. On the first day, he held an informal meeting with Vladimir Putin that lasted four and a half hours. On March 21, their official negotiations took place in expanded and truncated formats. The Kremlin claimed that the Western reaction to Xi Jinping’s visit to Russia was “deeply hostile.”

Read more about the visit of the President of China to Russia in the material “Kommersant” “Not colonization, but interdependence.”

Laura Keffer


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