Penicillin reconnaissance complexes in the NVO zone will become twice as many

The number of the latest Penicillin reconnaissance complexes in the NVO zone will double

The number of the latest Russian Penicillin acoustic-thermal artillery reconnaissance systems in the NVO zone will be doubled, RIA Novosti reports on March 7, citing an informed source.



Alexander Pogozhev © IA REGNUM

According to the interlocutor of the agency, this will increase the effectiveness of the counter-battery fight of Russian troops with Ukrainian artillery.

The source did not disclose the number of “Penicillins” used in the NWO, but noted that “the complexes have been used almost from the very beginning of the special operation and have proven their high efficiency during the hostilities, including in the fight against foreign-made howitzers supplied to the Ukrainian armed formations”.

The Penicillin complex was developed for reconnaissance of firing positions of cannon and rocket artillery, as well as anti-aircraft and tactical missiles. The complex captures acoustic and thermal waves from shots and explosions and gives out the exact coordinates of the location of the enemy guns. The time for obtaining the coordinates of a single target firing does not exceed five seconds.

“Penicillin” was developed by the enterprise of the Scientific Research Institute “Vector”, which is part of the “Ruselectronics” holding. The system is installed on the chassis of a KamAZ truck. The tests of the complex were completed in November 2018. The first “Penicillins” were delivered to the troops in December 2020.

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