Penalty for exceeding the average speed will be introduced in Russia


    “Parliamentary newspaper”: in Russia they want to introduce a fine for exceeding the average speed

    The Government Commission for Ensuring Road Safety, at the suggestion of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, will consider a proposal to introduce fines for exceeding the average speed. About it wrote “Parliamentary newspaper”.

    It is proposed to write amendments to the rules of the road on determining the average speed of a car, and in the Code of Administrative Offenses – the amount of fines for exceeding such a speed.

    Currently, there is no definition of the average speed in either the Code of Administrative Offenses or the SDA, but until recently, drivers in some regions of Russia received fines for exceeding it.

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    The traffic police issued a decision based on an automatic system of two cameras: one recorded the exit of the car to the site, and the second – the entrance. The program performed a simple arithmetic calculation and obtained the average speed of the vehicle.

    According to possible amendments, for exceeding the average speed by more than 20 kilometers per hour, they will be fined 500 rubles, for exceeding 40-60 kilometers per hour they will be issued a protocol of 1.5 thousand rubles, and for a repeated violation they will be deprived of a driver’s license for one year. If the average speed is higher than the prescribed one by more than 60 kilometers per hour, the violator will be punished with five thousand rubles, and for a recurrence of exceeding for a year, the rights will be taken away.

    Earlier, a member of the Russian Bar Association, Maria Spiridonova, advised drivers not to wait until 2025 to change their driver’s license.

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