Payments to doctors for the detection of oncology are proposed to be extended and cut

Payments to doctors for the detection of oncology are proposed to be extended and cut

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The Ministry of Health has proposed extending until 2025 the payment of incentives to doctors for detecting cancer during medical examinations and preventive examinations of the population. The corresponding draft law has been published on the federal portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

According to the document, funds from the budget of the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund (FOMS) will be provided to territorial funds for the formation of a normalized insurance reserve (NSZ) in 2025 as well. In addition, until 2025, the provisions of the law on compulsory health insurance are extended, aimed at eliminating the shortage of personnel in medical organizations that provide primary health care.

As noted in the financial and economic justification for the draft law, it is proposed to allocate 18.6 billion rubles from the budget of the MHIF in 2023 to co-finance the costs of medical organizations for the remuneration of doctors and nurses, in 2024 – 20.2 billion rubles, in 2025 – 21.9 billion rubles. For incentive payments to health workers for the detection of cancer, the budget of the MHIF provides for 54 million rubles for 2023, 58.1 million rubles for 2024, and 63.4 million rubles for 2025.

According to media estimates, it is planned to allocate three times less money for payments for the detection of oncology.

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In addition, the same document expands the list of citizens who are entitled to compulsory health insurance. In particular, it is clarified that they include a number of individuals receiving payments and other remuneration under civil law contracts (GPC).

Earlier it was reported that the procedure for calculating incentive payments for working with patients with coronavirus infection was changed from July 1, 2022. Now, according to a government decree, health workers will receive a 25 percent increase in salary.


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