Payment of taxes can be postponed, to prove its impossibility

Russians must pay tax on property of individuals by December 1. Those who do not have time to do this will have to pay penalties and fines. However, there are conditions under which you can ask the tax deferral. This was told by Denis Skryabin, a lawyer at the Skryabin and Partners firm.

“To do this, you need to provide evidence that paying taxes is currently difficult or impossible. The set of conditions is standard: a difficult financial situation, lack of work and looking for it. The presence of minor children is also a mitigating circumstance”– said Denis Skryabin in an interview with the radio Sputnik.

The lawyer emphasized that this is not an exemption from payment. You will still have to do it later. In cases where the tax authorities met halfway, this was formalized as an exemption from liability for non-payment of taxes on time. So, at a certain point, a person simply does not accrue penalties. That is, there is no temporary liability for violation.

Earlier, Life wrote that the Russians were reminded of the rules for paying property taxes. We are talking about the accrual of penalties, the recovery of the amount of unpaid tax through the court and the restriction of exit from the Russian Federation. Thus, the expert also stated that the higher the cadastral value of real estate, the greater the fine.

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