Patrushev said that Russia twice saved the United States from collapse, but now it is inexpedient

MOSCOW, 27 Mar — Russia in the XVIII-XIX centuries twice helped the United States to avoid collapse, but now it is not advisable to do the same, said in interview “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev.
Patrushev noted that Russian culture “is based on spirituality, compassion and mercy,” but, in his opinion, “this time helping the United States to maintain its integrity is inappropriate.”
According to him, the antagonism between Republicans and Democrats is growing, and contradictions between financial structures and transnational corporations are also growing. At the same time, “ordinary citizens will not lift a finger to preserve America’s integrity,” suggests the chairman of the Russian Security Council.
Patrushev called the problem of the United States the enthusiasm for “geopolitical games.”
“America’s problem is that it has played too much geopolitical games, forgetting about its own pressing problems. While the United States in its military biological laboratories invent new viruses to destroy the peoples of objectionable countries, the once clean American cities are drowning in mud and garbage,” he added. statesman.
In addition, according to Patrushev, “the American financial pyramid built at the expense of the printing press gives tangible failures over and over again” – all problems, according to him, “are flooded with money,” but such a model “cannot work forever.” He expects that both “a drop in the level of confidence in the dollar, not backed by real goods” and speculation in the stock market will lead the US to a powerful crisis.

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