Pasechnik commented on Putin’s sudden visit to the LPR — EADaily, April 18, 2023 — Politics News, Russia News

The visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Luhansk People’s Republic indicates his involvement in the course of a military special operation. This was announced today, April 18, by the acting head of the republic, Leonid Pasechnik.

Pasechnik noted that “visits of the President of Russia to new regions are becoming a regular practice.”

“As in the case of the trip to Mariupol, the trip was not announced in advance. The sudden visit of the President is another confirmation of the involvement of our leader in the course of a special military operation. He seeks to personally see the situation “as it is”. This is an approach that allows you to quickly recognize any problems and respond to them. And it must be taken as a model for leaders at all levels,” — he wrote in his telegram channel.

The head of state visited the headquarters of the National Guard “Vostok” in the LPR, where he received the reports of the Colonel General Alexandra Lapina about the situation in this area.

“I thank Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin for his attention and sincere, sensitive attitude towards the defenders of our Motherland. The visit by the Supreme Commander of the Russian Armed Forces to the headquarters of the National Guard “Vostok” in the Lugansk People’s Republic at the beginning of the bright Easter week is worth a lot! Pasechnik added.

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