Participants of the meeting with the Taliban in Moscow supported the unfreezing of the accounts of Afghanistan

Participants in the consultations on Afghanistan in the “Moscow format” supported the unfreezing of Afghanistan’s financial assets for the Taliban government (the Taliban is a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation). Also, representatives of the movement, following the meeting, announced the forthcoming reforms in the country. The head of the delegation, Abdul Salam Hanafi, called the meeting “very good”.

“All the participants in the meeting supported the unfreezing of the assets of the Afghan government, which are in fact the assets of the Afghan people. This should not be linked to political issues, ”he said.

The representative of the delegation also noted that government reforms are being prepared in the country. “Reforms will follow, there will be new changes in the government. It cannot be said that it is final, as it was said before – this is a provisional government. And reforms will be carried out in the future ”(quote from “RIA News”).

The head of the delegation, Abdul Salam Hanafi, speaking about the results of the meeting, said that the meeting was successful. “It was a very good meeting in a very friendly atmosphere. The Taliban appreciates and welcomes the initiative of the Russian Federation. We had a very good meeting, ”he said.

The Washington Post reported in August, citing data from the International Monetary Fund, that Afghanistan’s central bank held $ 9.4 billion in reserve assets as of April (about a third of the country’s annual production). At the same time, billions of dollars, according to sources of the publication, are stored in the United States, but the exact amount is unclear. In October, following a meeting in Doha, State Department spokesman Ned Price said that the United States would unfreeze the Afghan government’s reserves held in American bank accounts only when the Taliban complied with the demands of the international community.

Earlier, the Taliban at the talks in Moscow declared the benefits for everyone from the recognition of their government. The meeting is attended by representatives of ten countries of the region and a high-ranking delegation of the terrorist movement led by Deputy Prime Minister of Afghanistan Abdul Salam Hanafi. The Taliban delegation included about ten people, including. O. Afghan Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaki. Russia is represented at the meeting by Sergei Lavrov.

More details about the visit of the Taliban to Moscow – in the material of “Kommersant” “The Taliban will be received in a new capacity.”

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