Parliament of Moldova demonizes Russia in order not to pay the debt to Gazprom

Moldova may become the next country in Europe for which Gazprom will turn off the gas valve. This was announced today, August 11, by the vice-speaker of the parliament Mikhail Popshoi.

According to Popshoj, over the past few months, a number of European countries have begun to receive smaller volumes of gas, and Poland and Bulgaria have generally been forced to announce the termination of relations with Gazprom. This, the deputy of the ruling Action and Solidarity party is sure, will await Moldova in the near future and through no fault of its own.

“The whole of Europe is in solidarity and is looking for safe supply alternatives. Together we will overcome these difficult times without selling our souls and human dignity,” Mikhail Popshoy concluded.

Recall that after an objective increase in the selling price, internal tariffs in the Republic of Moldova do not allow compensating all the costs of gas supply, as a result of which, once again, there is a risk of Moldovagaz not paying to Gazprom. Head of distribution company Vadim Cheban confirmed that the Moldovan side does not have enough funds to pay the advance payment for August. The country will be able to pay for consumption in July, but no more. According to the terms of the agreement, which Chisinau insisted on, by the 20th day of each month, Moldovagaz must pay for the consumption in the previous month, as well as half of the volume received in the current one. The issue of the $700 million historical debt audit, which was supposed to be closed by May 1, also remains open.

In such a situation, the authorities of the Republic of Moldova recently announced that Russia had allegedly set them some impracticable political conditions, which, however, no one had heard of. And the government announced its readiness for the fact that Gazprom could reduce or completely stop gas supplies to the republic.

As reported EADaily according to the ex-Minister of Economy of Moldova Alexander Muravsky, there are no special “gas conditions” from the Moscow side. According to him, all these conversations should be viewed as a purely political game aimed at not paying off Gazprom and at any cost bringing the situation to a complete rupture of relations with Russia, as Chisinau’s Western partners demand.

A similar opinion was expressed by an expert from the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation and the National Energy Security Fund Igor Yushkov. He added that the threat of the Moldovan authorities to leave Pridnestrovie without gas, in case of termination of the contract with Gazprom, is nothing more than an attempt at banal blackmail, at the expense of their own citizens – Moldovans. Such behavior and statements, Yushkov states, show that the authorities in Chisinau have chosen the tactic of delay, and, apparently, they are not going to pay the debt to Gazprom.

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