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Pakistan will pay a million rupees to the families of those killed in a plane crash


Pakistani authorities will pay 1 million rupees (about $ 6,200) to the families of those killed in a plane crash in , aviation minister Gulam Sarwar Khan said at a news conference for the media.

The International Airlines Airbus A-320, with 99 people on board, crashed into a residential area of ​​Karachi on Friday afternoon after trying to land at the airport twice. Onboard there were 91 passengers and eight crew members. The Sindh Health Ministry in confirmed the deaths of 97 people on Saturday. Two passengers on the plane survived.

Khan noted that the two survivors of the crash will receive 500 thousand rupees. He also announced that the government would offer compensation to residents of the area whose homes and cars were damaged.

“A lot of damage was done. We gave instructions to conduct a preliminary survey, and the government will compensate for the damage after the assessment,” he said.

The minister said that the primary task of the government is to transfer the bodies of the victims to their families after identification. He regretted the tragic incident and expressed condolences to the families of the victims. Khan also noted that the government will take full responsibility if negligence is revealed.

“Whoever is responsible, they will be fired,” he said.
As the airline reported on Saturday, the last inspection of the crashed plane was carried out on March 21 this year, the day before the crash, he made a flight from Muscat to .

The report notes that “there were no defects associated with the engine, landing gear or major aircraft systems.” The airline claims that the condition of both engines was “satisfactory,” and maintenance checks were conducted regularly.

Earlier it was reported that the aircraft’s flight recorders were found, they will be transferred to the aircraft manufacturer for decryption.