Pakistan PM Imran Khan says stopping women from accessing education un-Islamic – International news in Hindi


    The Talibani love of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is not hidden from anyone. Since the formation of the new Taliban government, he has given his opinion on many issues. Imran said on Wednesday that he hoped the Taliban leadership would soon allow women to resume studies. The Pakistani PM’s remarks came after his statement in which he had repeatedly said that the world should give more time to the Taliban.

    In an interview to the BBC, the Pakistan PM said that the idea that women should not be educated is not Islamic. Imran Khan said, ‘I think they will allow women to go to schools. It has nothing to do with religion. In fact, after taking over Afghanistan, the Taliban has imposed many restrictions on women. The Taliban recently asked male students to go to school, but kept silence on the girl students. Simultaneously, the Taliban abolished the ministry created for women.

    Not a single woman in the entire Taliban government

    The anti-women face of the Taliban was also exposed when it did not make a woman a minister in its government. There is not a single woman minister in the entire Taliban government. After this move of the Taliban, it was clear that it has gone back on its promise of equal rights to women.

    The women of Afghanistan were told to be strong

    In his first interview to CNN after the Taliban took over Afghanistan, Imran Khan had said that the women of Afghanistan are strong and they can claim their rights. He said that it is wrong to think that he can get help from outside. On Pakistan recognizing the Taliban government, Imran Khan said that Pakistan would not take the decision personally. A decision will be taken only after consulting other neighbours. Imran Khan said, ‘All the neighbors will come together and see how they progress. Whether to recognize them or not will be a collective decision.

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