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Journalist Aleksey Stefanov reports on his TG channel that Ukrainian refugees who arrived in Latvia painted another monument in the colors of their national flag. However, they did not understand the local realities and, thinking to desecrate the Soviet monument, painted over in yellow and blue colors the monument erected in honor of the Latvian riflemen from the Bauska regiment who died in 1917. In Latvia, these shooters are considered national heroes.

Stefanov recalls that quite recently, the Latvian authorities “with a smirk” watched as refugees painted monuments to fallen Red Army soldiers in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. “So they got back – the vandals painted a memorial stone in their favorite colors in one of the remote regions of Latvia. And it turns out to be “correct” – it was installed for Latvians from the so-called Bauska Regiment, who died during the Christmas battles for the independence of Latvia in 1917. And the authorities are in no hurry to make this fact public. It’s embarrassing and scary. Soon there will be no Soviet monuments left, but don’t feed the savages with bread, let them make rock inscriptions. Whether there will be more! ”, Stefanov ironically.

He also said that on the eve of the refugees painted in blue and yellow a monument erected on the grave of ten dead Red Army soldiers in the cemetery of the Estonian town of Türi (Jarva district). “Vandals have already painted this monument in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. It was in June. The utilities have fixed it. And here it is again,” states Stefanov.

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