Corona cases rising rapidly in Australia, daily cases above 1,900 were recorded for the first time

Sydney. In Australia, cases of infection are increasing rapidly due to the delta variant of Corona. The country has reported its biggest ever increase of COVID-19 infections in a single day. On Friday, for the first time in the Kovid-19 epidemic, more than 1,900 daily cases have been registered. Let us tell you that the cases of highly contagious have been due to the spread of the delta variant. Despite the lockdown in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia’s two largest cities, cases of Kovid-19 are increasing rapidly due to the outbreak of the Delta variant.

Australia is in the grip of a third wave of infections with the outbreak of the Delta, the outbreak of the Kovid-19 epidemic in the country is not taking its name. Due to which the authorities have to adopt their COVID-zero strategy to reduce the corona virus. Officials aim to begin easing the strict restrictions imposed after reaching a higher proportion of the population with double-dose vaccination. New South Wales (NSW), the epicenter of the country’s worst outbreak, reported 1,542 new localized cases, up a previous high of 1,533 hit last week. Along with this, nine new deaths were also recorded.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said at a media briefing in the state capital Sydney that cases were rising as predicted. Berejiklian said the daily media briefing of COVID-19 cases will be phased out from Monday and updates will be detailed in an online video. While officials said the rising number of cases in Sydney has increased the burden for ambulance workers, with the number of Covid-19 patients doubling to nearly 6,000 in the past two weeks. Around 1,156 people are hospitalized in the state, out of which 207 are in intensive care, while 89 patients require ventilation.

Despite a steady rise in cases and cases near record levels, NSW officials said on Thursday that Sydney businesses could reopen when 70% of the state’s youth population is fully vaccinated. Which is targeted to be completed by mid-October. So far, 76 per cent people above the age of 16 in the state have received at least one dose, while 44 per cent have been fully vaccinated.

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At the same time, the state of Victoria has registered 334 new cases. This case is the biggest increase of this year. Along with this, one death has also been registered. Some restrictions will be eased in the capital Melbourne, when 70% of the youth population will receive at least one dose of the vaccine, which is expected around 23 September. Australia’s total infection number is about 70 thousand, including 1,076 deaths. The data shows that high vaccination kept the mortality rate in the Delta outbreak at 0.41%, which is down from previous outbreaks.

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RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat rejected allegation of Swayam Sevaks interfering with administration

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat rubbished allegations of Sangh’s interference in the administration’s work, saying that holding meetings with leaders and discussing various issues with them is not “sharing in power”. He insisted that these allegations were made by the media. During an interaction with enlightened people in Udaipur, Bhagwat said, “Sangh’s participation in power is misleading and generated by the media.”

He said that if RSS volunteers meet leaders and discuss various issues, it should not be seen as sharing in power. Quoting Bhagwat, a release issued by the Sangh said, “Governments including communists also take the cooperation of the volunteers of the Sangh in many works.”

The RSS chief made this remark in response to a question asked during a conference of intellectuals. He said that the volunteers of the Sangh work for the goal of nation building through character building of the people. Referring to Sangh founder K B Hedgewar, Bhagwat said that he always used to say that the organization of Hindu society can solve all the problems of the country.

“Hindu ideology is the ideology of peace and truth. We are not Hindu like campaigns are being run with the aim of weakening the country and society. Wherever the population of Hindus decreased, there was a problem. Responding to a question on the problems faced by Sangh workers in Kerala and West Bengal, he said that the society is suffering from what the volunteers are also suffering from. Bhagwat also said that the volunteers are not going to run away in fear.

On the question of a non-discriminatory society, Bhagwat said that in the Sangh’s shakhas, people are taught not to discriminate. We are Hindus and this is what is taught in the Shakha. Therefore, there is no atmosphere of discrimination in the Sangh, he added. Volunteers try to establish this ideal in their personal lives as well.


China shares video of Taliban using US military planes as toys

Kabul. It has been more than 10 days since American soldiers left Afghanistan. There is a constant discussion in the international media whether US President Joe Biden hastily evacuated his soldiers from there. It seems that China is also making fun of this decision of America. In fact, a Chinese government official has shared a video on social media, where Taliban fighters are using US Army ships for fun. Although he has not told about this video when it is from.

In this video of about 50 seconds, it can be seen that many warships of America are standing in tight condition. By tying a rope in the wings of these ships, it has been made a swing. In the video, three-four Taliban fighters are seen swinging. Along with this, the sounds of laughter are also coming. After the departure of American soldiers, there is no information about which city of Afghanistan this video was made.

watch video
Tweeting the video, Chinese government official Zhao wrote, ‘Graveyard of empires and their war machines. The Taliban have converted their planes into swings and toys. This video of him is now going viral on social media.

where did american weapons go
In the last days i.e. on August 31, when American soldiers were going out of Afghanistan, many videos had surfaced at that time. It was seen that American soldiers are destroying their weapons and aircraft. However, after this there was also a news that the Taliban got a US ship repaired with the help of a former engineer from Afghanistan. Later this ship was also used by the Taliban.

China and Pakistan with Taliban
Meanwhile, China has started showing its colors as soon as America leaves Afghanistan. China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has clearly said that it wants friendly relations with the Taliban. Pakistan on Friday expressed hope that the new interim government in Afghanistan led by the Taliban will bring “peace, security and stability” to the war-torn country and work towards meeting the humanitarian and developmental needs of the Afghan people.

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Chennai super kings beats Mumbai Indians by 20 runs in UAE leg first game in IPL 2021 Rituraj Gaikwad played brilliant inning while Dwayne bravo and Deepak chahar done well with ball csk vs mi – Latest Cricket News

In the first match of the UAE leg of IPL 2021 and the 30th match of the tournament, Chennai Super Kings defeated Mumbai Indians by 20 runs. Chasing the target of 157 runs, Mumbai’s team could only manage 136 runs in 20 overs for the loss of 8 wickets. Saurabh Tiwary remained unbeaten on 50 for the team, but he could not win. Dwayne Bravo took three wickets for CSK, while Deepak Chahar made two runs for the batsmen. Earlier, after winning the toss, Chennai scored 156 runs for the loss of 6 wickets in 20 overs, thanks to Rituraj Gaikwad’s scintillating innings of 88 runs.

Chasing the target of 157 runs, Mumbai’s start was not good and the team got a big blow in the third over in the form of Quinton de Kock (17). After this, after adding 17 more runs to the score board, Anmolpreet Singh (16), who was debuting in the IPL, also became the second victim of Deepak Chahar. Mumbai’s most reliable batsman Suryakumar Yadav (3) could not show anything special, while Ishan Kishan (11) also disappointed a lot with his batting. Skipper Kieron Pollard’s bat, who led him to a memorable win last time against Chennai, remained silent today as he could only manage to score 15 runs. Mumbai needed 24 runs to win in the last over, but Bravo gave away only 3 runs taking two wickets and gave Chennai victory.

Earlier, Dhoni’s decision to bat after winning the toss proved to be absolutely wrong. In the very first over, Trent Boult showed Faf du Plessis the way to the pavilion without opening an account. After this, in the next over, Boult’s teammate Adam Milan, who came out to bat at number three, did not even give Moeen Ali a chance to open the account and showed the way to the pavilion. Suresh Raina, who came to the crease after Rayudu retired hurt, started with a four by hitting Boult, but after that the Kiwi bowler got him caught by Rahul Chahar and walked. Captain Dhoni also could not show anything special and got out after scoring just 3 runs. After this, Rituraj Gaikwad (88 not out) first made a half-century partnership for the fifth wicket with Ravindra Jadeja (26) and then with Dwayne Bravo batted vigorously in the last overs. Bravo played a stormy innings of 23 runs in just 8 balls. Due to which the team of Chennai Super Kings managed to score 156 runs for the loss of 6 wickets in 20 overs.

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Chinese submarine near japan southern island alert issues

Tokyo. Japan has detected a submarine near its southern island, which is suspected to be from China. The Ministry of Defense has given this information on Sunday. With China increasing its military activities, Japan has increased the level of alertness in the East China Sea. The submarine is underwater, but the ministry said in a statement that the submarine appears to be from China, as the submarine has a Chinese Luyang 3 missile destroyer.

The ministry said the submarine was moving northwest from the eastern coast of Amamioshima Island, about 700 kilometers (420 mi) northeast of the disputed East China Sea islands controlled by Japan. China also claims this ocean. The submarine was moving west in the East China Sea on Sunday morning. Neither the submarine nor the ship entered Japanese waters. Under international law, submarines passing off the coast of another country are required to show the national flag.

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Japan’s warning
Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force sent three reconnaissance aircraft and two destroyers to the area to provide early warning and information gathering. In the matter, Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force said that this submarine has been identified outside the waters of Japan. But even then the identity of the submarines and ships coming in the area has to be made public, but the Chinese submarine kept the identity hidden. After which the Defense Minister has asked to collect all the information related to it.

Taliban fighters are swinging on US army ships, China shared video

Chinese submarine was driven out earlier also
Earlier in June 2020 also a submarine believed to be Chinese was seen in this area. Then he was also chased away in time. Last year, during the time of the Corona epidemic, Japan’s warship Kaga saw a Chinese submarine near Okinawa Island, located in the southern part of the country. After which the Japanese Navy, with the help of its patrolling aircraft, drove him out of its waters. (agency input)

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Major accident during Ganpati immersion in Mumbai, 5 children drowned in sea; three still missing

Five children drowned in the sea in the Versova beach area during Ganpati immersion in Mumbai on Saturday. Regarding the incident, the Mumbai Fire Brigade said that the local people immediately rescued the two children and…

North Korea kim jong un had test fired new long range cruise missile

Pyongyang. North Korea has once again tested long-range cruise missiles. North Korea’s news agency Korean Central News Agency said on Monday that the missile was developed in two years and tested on Saturday and Sunday. This cruise missile hit its targets 1500 km away with precision.

This claim has been made at a time when its talks with the US on nuclear weapons are stalled. During this, this country is engaged on increasing its military capabilities. North Korea has again challenged the US by testing a new missile. Recently North Korea also celebrated its 73rd Foundation Day.

According to the information, during the tests of these missiles with a range of 1500 km, the missiles covered a distance of 1500 km (930 mi) in 7,580 seconds before hitting their target. However, according to the government report, Kim Jong was not present on this occasion.

North Korea has described its new missiles as a “strategic weapon of great importance”. In this way, these missiles fulfill the call of Kim Jong Un to strengthen the country’s military power. This simply means that these missiles are being prepared with the intention of being used with nuclear weapons.

Kim resolved to prepare modern weapons
South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said its military was analyzing North Korean launches based on US and South Korean intelligence. Indeed, during a congress of the ruling Workers’ Party in January, Kim Jong Un pledged to strengthen his nuclear capability in the face of US sanctions and pressure. During this, Kim released a long list of long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear-powered submarines, spy satellites and strategic nuclear weapons.

20 kg less weight, grandfather like haircut… Everyone is surprised to see Kim Jong Un like this

Talks between the US and North Korea have been closed since 2019
Talks between the US and North Korea on suspending the nuclear and ballistic missile programs have been stalled since 2019. Despite these stalled talks, North Korea is moving forward on its missile program. KCNS quoted Pak Jong Chon, a member of the Workers’ Party’s politburo, as saying that Kim was not present during the test.

Testing to meet demands from Washington and Seoul
North Korea says it is conducting nuclear and missile programs to counter US and South Korean enmity. But these programs are viewed by outside analysts from the perspective that North Korea, through its weapons programs, can get leaders in Washington and Seoul to fulfill its political demands. North Korea’s resumption of testing is an attempt to pressure the Biden administration over stale diplomatic ties. The last missile tests were conducted in March this year.

America, South Korea and Japan to meet in Tokyo
The special thing is that North Korea has done this test when America, South Korea and Japan are going to meet in Tokyo. In this meeting, measures to remove the barrier on talks with North Korea are to be discussed. (with agency input)

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two deputy cm will be in punjab navjot singh sidhu will have this role tell harish rawat

The new Chief Minister was announced in Punjab on Sunday. Understanding the political arithmetic, the Congress has made a Dalit Chief Minister here for the first time. At the same time, the way has also been opened to make two deputy CMs in Punjab. With this, the picture of what Navjot Singh Sidhu’s role will be in Punjab has also become clear. Punjab Congress in-charge Harish Rawat gave information about this on Sunday.

Popular face told to Navjot Singh Sidhu
Punjab Congress in-charge Harish Rawat threw light on the party’s strategy for the next elections. He said that who will be the face of the party in the next elections, it will be the decision of the Congress President. However, he definitely said that Navjot Singh Sidhu will be very important for the party in the next elections. Harish Rawat said that Navjot Singh Sidhu is a popular face here in view of the current political situation in Punjab. Harish Rawat also said that the party will try its best to ensure that Amarinder Singh is present at the swearing-in of the new chief minister. Although it will completely depend on them.

The name of the new Deputy CM is yet to be decided
Punjab Congress in-charge said that the names for two deputy CMs in Punjab are yet to be decided. He said that we all believe that there should be two deputy CMs here. Soon we will consider this and the Council of Ministers. Harish Rawat said that discussions have definitely taken place on some names. But now it is the responsibility of the new Chief Minister. He will announce it after talking to the party high command.

Swearing-in will be held at 11 am on Monday
Punjab’s new Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi will take oath at 11 am on Monday. Talking to the media after meeting Governor Banwarilal Purohit, he gave this information. Channi said that we have expressed the support of all our MLAs before the Governor. The swearing-in ceremony will be held at 11 am tomorrow. The name of the new Chief Minister of Punjab has been announced today after two days of political struggle after the resignation of Captain Amarinder Singh.

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Japan issues alert for 6 countries warns citizens of suicide attack

Tokyo. Japan’s Foreign Ministry on Monday asked its citizens to stay away from religious and crowded places in six South Asian countries, as such places can be attacked. The Foreign Ministry said that it has received information that suicide attacks can be carried out in such places. This advisory has been issued for Japanese visiting Indonesia, Philippine, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and MyanmarAttack.

However, these countries expressed surprise at this advisory and said that they were not aware of any such threat or from where Japan got this information. Thailand’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Tani Sangrat said Japan did not specify the source of the information behind the warning. He said that the Japanese embassy only said that it was not only for Thailand, and did not give more details. Thailand’s police have also denied having been informed of any such threat. Similarly, the Philippine Foreign Ministry also said that it was not aware of this.

Taliban said – Provisional government in Kabul right now, no country’s interference in internal matters will be tolerated
Vaccination of more than 50% of the population in Japan
The Japanese government has said that more than 50 percent of the country’s population has received both doses of the anti-Covid vaccine. A nationwide vaccination campaign started in Japan in mid-February followed several months later by many more prosperous countries. Its campaign got delayed due to the lengthy clinical trials and approval process. Vaccination of elderly patients began in April, but the process slowed down due to lack of supply of imported vaccines. It gained momentum in late May and since then 1 million people are being vaccinated daily.

Chinese submarine seen near the island of Japan, destroyer aircraft sent

Economic Minister Yashutoshi Nishimura, who is also in charge of COVID-19 measures, told state TV NHK’s weekly program on Sunday that about 60 percent of the population will be fully immunized by the end of September, which will match the current level of vaccination in Europe. . The government is preparing a plan to ease restrictions around November. This will allow people who have been fully vaccinated and those who have submitted negative results in the COVID-19 test to gather for parties or attend mass events. (agency input)

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Landslide victory for YSRC in Andhra Pradesh zilla parishad and mandal parishad polls – India Hindi News

The ruling YSR Congress in Andhra Pradesh has won a landslide victory in the elections to the Mandal and Zilla Parishads in the state. The YSR Congress defeated the opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in almost all the 13 districts. YSR Congress has won 547 out of 553 seats in Zilla Parishad Constituencies (ZPTC). At the same time, Mandal Parishad has won 7284 out of 8063 seats in Territorial Constituencies (MPTCs).

According to the State Election Commission till the filing of the report, counting of votes was going on in 88 seats of Zilla Parishad constituencies and 1504 seats of Mandal Parishad Territorial Constituencies. The state’s main opposition party TDP has won only three seats each for ZPTC and MPTC. Whereas the account of Bharatiya Janata Party and its alliance partner Jana Sena has not been opened. At the same time, it won 23 and 85 seats in the Mandal Parishad elections.

Why was the election delayed so much?

Out of all 660 ZPTC seats and 10,047 MPTC seats in the state, 126 ZPTC and 2,371 MPTC seats were unanimously elected in March 2020, the election process started in March 2020 but was delayed due to the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Was. On April 2 this year, a day after the state’s new election commissioner Neelam Sawhney took charge, the process of holding elections for the remaining seats resumed.

Voting took place on 8th April

Polling for 515 ZPTC seats and 7,219 MPTC seats was held on April 8. Altogether 1,29,55,980 voters exercised their franchise. Voting for 8 ZPTC and 355 MPTC seats could not be held due to court cases, while 11 ZPTC and 81 MPTC had to stop voting due to death of candidates.

Counting of votes was to be held on April 10 only

The counting of votes for the ZPTC and MPTC elections was to take place on April 10, but was put on hold by a single bench of the High Court acting on a petition filed by the TDP and Jana Sena parties. Later on May 21, the Bench, citing a Supreme Court direction, ordered the cancellation of ZPTC and MPTC on the ground that the mandatory four-week model code of conduct between the date of announcement of election schedule and the date of holding of elections. It was followed.

Challenge the decision of the single bench before the division bench

Thereafter, the State Election Commission challenged the decision of the single bench before a division bench of Chief Justice Arup Kumar Goswami and Justice N Jayasuriya. The State Election Commission argued that the Supreme Court’s rule to adhere to the four-week model code of conduct cannot be applied to local body elections. The State Election Commission argued that the four-week rule was not followed for municipal elections and gram panchayat elections held in April this year. There was a difference of only 22 days in the municipal elections and 26 days in the panchayat elections. After hearing the arguments, on September 16, the Division Bench of the High Court set aside the orders of the Single Bench and allowed the election schedule to go ahead. At the same time, an official statement of the YSR Congress Party on the landslide victory in the election said that the results reflect the support of people’s faith in the rule of Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.


vladimir putin self isolate after his acquaintances

Moscow. A close aide of Russian President Vladimir Putin has been found to be corona infected. After this, Putin has self-isolated himself as a precaution. The Kremlin said on Tuesday that Putin would therefore not travel to Tajikistan this week for regional security meetings.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov gave this information to CNN. The Kremlin said that recently the corona report of a close friend of President Vladimir Putin has come positive. After which Putin is in self-isolation in Rashtrapati Bhavan itself.

Warning to Taliban! Afghanistan should not become a threat to neighboring countries: Putin in BRICS meeting

On Monday, the Russian President attended several public events. He met with Russian Paralympians. Participated in military exercises organized in coordination with Belarus and met with Syrian President Bashar Assad. Asked whether Putin tested negative for the virus, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, “Yes, he is Corona negative.”

Putin takes a dig at America, achieved ‘Zero’ in Afghanistan

Putin got the vaccine after a massive vaccination campaign against Kovid-19 started in Russia last year. What vaccine did Vladimir Putin get? The President’s spokesperson did not make any disclosure about this. But it is one of three Russian vaccines (Sputnik V, EpiVacCorona or CoviVac) that have been approved.

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Why did Navjot Singh Sidhu seem to be defeated even after defeating Captain Amarinder, the gameplan reversed with Channi becoming the CM?

Navjot Singh Sidhu, who has raised the bugle against Captain Amarinder in Punjab for the last two years, has been successful in removing him from the post of CM, but does not seem to be successful in his strategy. It is said that….