V "United Russia" named the date of the third stage of the congress

MOSCOW, October 27 – The third stage of the United Russia congress, which is timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the party, may take place on December 4, other dates are not yet discussed, rotation in the supreme and general councils of the party is expected at the congress, said the deputy of the State Duma of the eighth convocation, acting head of the executive committee of the United Russia Alexander Borisov.
Earlier, Deputy Secretary of the General Council of the United Russia Sergei Perminov said that the third stage of the United Russia congress will be timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the party’s creation, it is traditionally celebrated on December 1, but voting on the date of the congress has not yet taken place.
“Yes, yes, yes, there are no other dates yet,” Borisov said, answering the question whether the congress is scheduled for December 4. According to him, the results of the election campaign will be discussed at the congress. In addition, the deputy added that it is planned to discuss personnel rotation in the party.
“At the congress, the governing bodies of the party will rotate, and not only the executive committee (parties – ed.), But also the supreme council and the general council. What is called -” at the decision of the congress, “concluded Borisov.
As confirmed by the second interlocutor in the party, most likely, the congress of “United Russia” will be held on December 4, but the final decision has not yet been made.

Deputy Burmatov will ask the Prosecutor General’s Office to check circuses and zoos

MOSCOW, October 27 – Vladimir Burmatov, the first deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, said that he plans to send Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov a request with a request to check circuses and zoos for compliance with Russian legislation, since their licensing period is coming to an end.
“We are now completing the licensing process for circuses and zoos, it will end on December 31 of this year. From January 1, all circuses and zoos in our country must either have a license or cease their activities. and zoos for compliance with Russian legislation, “Burmatov said at a press conference on the” green “agenda of the VIII convocation of the State Duma.
So, the politician noted, in order to avoid fines, circuses and zoos must strictly follow the rules.
“Those who work within the law, please. You must follow the rules, very detailed rules formulated by the government of the Russian Federation, there is a whole” Talmud “in relation to each animal, the size of enclosures, maintenance and other issues – or a fine of up to 200 thousand rubles”, – added the parliamentarian.

Germany warned of deficit "in british"

MOSCOW, October 27 – Germany will soon face the problems faced by Britain – empty supermarket shelves and fuel shortages, the channel warned. Welt
The plot notes that the republic lacks 1.2 million workers, and there is a shortage of personnel in 70 professions. The new law on labor migration is intended to help solve the problem.
“In fact, we need to make it as easy as possible to come to Germany and find a job here. And eliminate bureaucratic obstacles for enterprises,” explained Alexander Burstadde, an expert from the Institute of German Economics.
The most acute shortage of social workers and utilities is now felt. For example, in the field of caring for the sick and the elderly, over 13 thousand specialists are needed in the country.
Among the reasons for the shortage of personnel are low salaries, which is why professions remain unclaimed.
Welt also predicts that staff shortages will worsen in the coming years – there will not be enough new staff to replace those who retire.

The Foreign Ministry commented on the court decision on Scythian gold

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A resident of Cheboksary staged a shooting in a residential building

A resident of Cheboksary fired from a sawn-off shotgun in a nine-story building, no one was hurt, later the body of the attacker was found in the forest – UK
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Omsk deputy named a colleague "stuttering monkey" at a meeting of the city council

OMSK, 27 October – The deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Ivan Ivchenko, called the representative from the “Communists of Russia” Vladimir Zhukov “a stuttering monkey” at a meeting of the Omsk City Council and called what was happening a clown.
The conflict between the deputies took place on Wednesday, October 27, at a meeting of the Omsk City Council. During the discussions, the deputy from the Communists of Russia faction Vladimir Zhukov criticized the ideas of the deputies from the Communist Party faction, and then proposed to deprive the deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Fedin for three months for the fact that he expresses his thoughts for a long time, “brings destabilization” to the work and drags out meetings … But the speaker of the City Council, Vladimir Korbut, refused to put the proposal to a vote. At this moment, another member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Ivan Ivchenko, decided to stand up for a fellow party member. He stated that in the elections seven seats were “taken away” from their party “in a mean way”.
“What is happening now, Vladimir Valentinovich (Korbut, speaker of the City Council – ed.) ?! Who let the stuttering monkey into the representative body? Is this a question for the city election commission? What’s going on? All the men are sitting now, and I’m sure they support me in their hearts A real clownery! A circus is made from a representative organ, “Ivchenko said from his seat.
In response to this, the speaker of the City Council Vladimir Korbut asked the deputies “not to arrange disputes,” and during this video broadcasting was heard swearing and fussing, but what was happening was not shown in the frame. According to some media in the region, deputy Vladimir Zhukov threw water in Ivan Ivchenko’s face, however, the press service of the City Council did not record this moment and did not confirm, noting that there really was a conflict.
“We have a commission on ethics, and Zhukov can apply there, we will consider it, we have already considered such a statement once. It all depends on whether the deputy writes a statement to the deputy addressed to the speaker of the City Council,” the press service of the Omsk City Council explained. and added that so far no statements have been received.

Muscovites who came from abroad were fined 24 million rubles. for a failed PCR test

More than 1.9 thousand citizens who returned from foreign countries and did not provide data on passing the coronavirus test have been fined 24 million rubles since August 2020.

World Bank suspends aid to Sudan

MOSCOW, October 27 – The World Bank announced on Wednesday about the suspension of aid to Sudan due to the military coup in the country, the agency reports. France Press
“The World Bank Group suspended funding for all of its operations in Sudan on Monday and stopped processing any new operations while we are closely monitoring and assessing the situation,” the agency quoted the head of the bank, David Malpass.
The Sudanese military on Monday detained Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok and several other government officials. The head of the Transitional Sovereign Council of the Sudan, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, announced in a televised address to the nation the introduction of a state of emergency and the dissolution of the country’s government.
Later, the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the Sudan, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, said at a press conference that Hamdok was at his home, everything was fine with him. The commander-in-chief of the Sudanese Armed Forces also said that Hamdok will be able to return to his home when the situation calms down and he is no longer threatened. On Tuesday, it became known that Hamdok and his wife returned to their capital residence.
April 2019 saw a military coup d’état in Sudan, sparked by popular protests amid a deep economic crisis and declining living standards. President Omar al-Bashir, who ruled for 30 years, was removed from power and later imprisoned.
In September 2021, the Sudanese authorities announced that they had prevented an attempted military coup in the country. According to a statement from the command of the armed forces, most of the participants in the coup attempt were detained, including 21 officers and a number of soldiers. Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok said at the time that the coup attempt indicated the need for reforms in the army and security agencies. The Sudanese authorities have named supporters of ex-President Omar al-Bashir as organizers of the rebellion.

….so much so that in a month our fraternity drinks alcohol, what did OP Rajbhar say?

Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj Party (SubhaSP) President Omprakash Rajbhar, who has been in the news several times in the past by making controversial remarks during his speeches, said the same thing on Wednesday. Party by its 19th….

Russian devices record flares in distant galaxies

MOSCOW, October 27 – The device developed by Russian scientists and installed on the European-Japanese probe BepiColombo has joined the international program for the localization of space gamma-ray bursts InterPlanetary Network, the press service of the Space Research Institute said.
Scientists do not know the origin of cosmic gamma-ray bursts; they come from sources at distances of up to billions of light years. The position of the flared sources is determined by the relative delay in the registration of bursts by space detectors at different points of the solar system. During such explosions, which are associated with the explosion of supernovae, neutron stars or their capture by black holes, as much energy is emitted as the Sun would generate tens of billions of years.
“The InterPlanetary Network program currently involves six instruments on board various spacecraft. Only two of them are at an interplanetary distance from Earth: MGNS in orbit of a flight to Mercury and HEND aboard NASA’s Mars Odyssey satellite. Both devices were created in the Department of Nuclear Planetology of the Institute for Space Research, Russian Academy of Sciences, “the press service said.
During the first few days of participation of the MGNS instrument in the program, the position of two gamma-ray bursts was established.
MGNS (Mercury gamma and neutron spectrometer) is designed to study the elemental composition of the surface and polar regions of Mercury. The study of cosmic gamma-ray bursts, as well as solar flares – his additional tasks.
BepiColombo will arrive on Mercury at the end of 2025.

Russia will support the creation of a working group on WTO reform

GENEVA, 27 Oct – Russia supports the creation of a working group on reform of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which could become a key platform for relevant discussions, and also expresses readiness for a substantive discussion of the reform of the dispute settlement system, according to a report submitted by the Russian Federation in connection with a review of its trade policy at the WTO …
The WTO on Wednesday began consideration of the second review of Russia’s trade policy. At the meetings of the WTO Trade Policy Review Body, the reports of the Russian side and the organization’s secretariat are discussed.
According to the report, Russia is in favor of reform aimed at preserving the authoritative role of the WTO as an effective universal platform for maintaining existing and developing new rules of international trade, as well as ensuring that members fulfill their multilateral obligations.
“Russia supports the creation of a working group on WTO reform, which could act as a key platform for discussing issues related to WTO reform in an open, transparent and inclusive manner. The working group should strive to achieve multilateral results, including through development.” The WTO concept for the period up to 2030 “by the next ministerial conference,” the document says.
It is emphasized that WTO reform should focus on improving the organization’s negotiating, monitoring and dispute resolution functions. In addition, the reform should lead to certain institutional improvements. For example, the Russian Federation believes that the work of the regular bodies of the WTO should be optimized.
It is noted that Russia is open and ready for substantive discussions with all WTO members to improve the dispute settlement system, including by solving the existing problems of members in relation to certain judicial approaches and specific decisions, while maintaining the essential features of the two-stage process of adjudication and the principle ” negative consensus “.
“In Russia’s view, such discussions should take due account of the results of negotiations on improving dispute settlement procedures held in the framework of special sessions of the Dispute Settlement Body,” the report says.
The WTO Appellate Body, due to the blocking of the appointment of new arbitrators by the United States, has not functioned since December 2019 and does not consider new appeals.

"Will pay dearly"… The British condemned the use of Turkish drones in Donbass

MOSCOW, October 27 – British newspaper readers Daily Express spoke about the first combat launch by the Ukrainian military of the Turkish Bayraktar TB 2 drone in Donbass. Commentators were outraged by Kiev’s irresponsibility and agreed that the actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces violate the Minsk agreements.
“Ukraine is trying to whip up tensions in the region, but Western intelligence is behind this,” said the user with the nickname HarrisTweed. The reader explained the anxiety of Russia by the interference of foreign countries in the conflict in order to use Ukraine as a testing ground for their own political tasks. “NATO missiles 500 miles from Moscow – this will not happen. For Russia, it is like the Cuban missile crisis for the United States,” he wrote.
JonO, in turn, is confident that the civil confrontation in Ukraine has long been fueled by outsiders. “Putin allowed Ukraine to freely form a Ukrainian government, and Russia supplied equipment and orders for the production of cars and jobs. But the EU and Ms Merkel provided Ukrainians with a handful of dollars and soft loans for the next general election, refusing politicians who agreed to” generosity. ” Russia, and joining the eurozone and the EU as a member province. All because the EU desperately wanted to own an oil field in Crimea, “he said.
“I know that Ukraine will pay dearly for such actions,” said Rudolphucker1959.
“Ukraine needs to sit quietly and not shine. The last thing we need is for Ukraine to try to drag the West and NATO into the war. Ukraine is a corrupt failed state that practically does not function and would not matter if it were not for the fact that it is on the border with Russia: this is a convenient place for the West to poke a Russian bear in the side. They should focus on fighting corruption and improving the living standards of their people. Saber-rattling only benefits the far-right Ukrainian nationalists, “NeilSays said.
On the eve of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that the military first used Bayraktar in Donbass: it destroyed the enemy’s cannon with a controlled bomb. Meanwhile, flights of military aircraft and drones along the entire contact line are prohibited by the Minsk agreements. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the use of a combat drone by Ukraine in the Donbas should “make those who arm Kiev think.”