Actor Sonu Sood has once again emerged as the messiah of the needy in this difficult period of Corona. They are constantly delivering the things they need to people seeking help on social media, ranging from Remedesivir to Oxine and ICU beds.

At the same time, recently he has talked about the lack of oxygen in the Corona era. During this, he appeared to be emotional, Sonu Sood told how he gets many calls, people ask for help. Sonu Sood told that such situations happen that many times they start feeling helpless themselves.

Sonu Sood has shared a post on his Twitter account, in which he wrote- ‘My country needs oxygen’ … while in the other post only after this he wrote- ‘Only and only oxygen’. Through this post, Sonu Sood has reacted to oxygen ever.

This tweet by Sonu Sood, which is helping people seeking help through the internet, has come in tremendous headlines. At the same time, he has also expressed concern in the conversation with Barkha Dutt about the lack of oxygen.

Sonu Sood became emotional while talking about the calls to help in this interview. He said that ‘my heart breaks when I see all this. I am listening to all those people and when I see those visuals, I cannot even imagine. I sometimes thank God that he (parents) are not there to see it all. I think how helpless they are, you feel that you fail as a human being, when you are unable to provide oxygen, even a bed for your loved ones’.

Sonu Sood said- ‘I feel helpless every day, I find new problems of people and I think we are living where we are. The actor said that he also gets calls from a good number of people from Delhi, who are seeking help for health care.


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