Owners of part of Moscow apartments will pay more for a communal apartment

Owners of part of Moscow apartments will pay more for a communal apartment

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Supporters of payment for water according to the standards are in for trouble. They will be beaten with a ruble for their unwillingness to install individual metering devices. Legislators want to give the authorities of Moscow the right to increase the size of the multiplying coefficient for the consumed resource. Such a draft government decree was developed by the Ministry of Construction. The document was submitted for public discussion on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts.

The federal law obligated to equip residential buildings and apartments with meters until July 1, 2012, Crimeans – until January 1, 2019. But so far in the capital this has not been done in seven percent of the premises.

Their owners pay for the consumed water according to the standards. Each subject of the Russian Federation has its own. Additionally, management companies apply a multiplying factor of 1.5 to encourage the installation of metering devices. Mostly to no avail.

In Moscow, with 17 million permanent residents, the problem of “rubber” apartments is more relevant than anywhere else, where many more people live than registered. Everyone uses water, and they pay for it only according to the number of officially registered ones. The loss of service providers is serious. In 2021, it was estimated at 870 million rubles for hot water supply, and 265 million for cold water supply.

That is why the Ministry of Construction came out with the initiative to increase the multiplying factor to the consumption standard by a maximum of 1.5 more.

“I believe that economic incentives for the installation of metering devices are the most effective ways to resolve the issue,” Alexander Evseyev, a member of the Commission of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation for Housing, Construction and Roads, told Parliamentary Newspaper.

Read the full article on the Parlamentskaya Gazeta website at a later date.

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