“Overthrow and judge.” Zelensky condemned online after complaints about attacks on Kyiv

Twitter users criticized Zelensky for unwillingness to end the conflict

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Twitter users criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky after he complained about attacks on Kyiv. The head of state angered the people with their unwillingness to end the conflict, having such an opportunity. Compilation collected RIA News”.

The Ukrainian president, in his speech, complained about the most powerful strike from the Russian Armed Forces on Kyiv on City Day, celebrated in the country every last Sunday of May. In response, users replied that no one cares anymore and people don’t care.

“No one cares anymore. Ordinary Americans can see what game he is playing. All he has to do is abandon NATO and it will all be over,” one commenter wrote.

“We don’t care, and we don’t want our money to go to you, period,” agreed another.

“Where is all the taxpayers money? You need to return them,” demanded a third.

Zelensky was reminded of how cruelly he had dealt with his own people, plunging them into the abyss of disaster because of his own whim – the desire to “play tough” with the enemy.

“You sent thousands of unprepared people to the meat grinder of Bakhmut (Ukrainian name for Artemovsk — ed.). You are a disgrace,” said one reader.

“You should be overthrown and put on trial for what you did to the Ukrainians. Peace was possible, but you wanted to play hard with your US and EU supporters. Make a deal or run away in disgrace. These are your only two options…if it’s not too late!” summed up another.

Earlier, Kuchma’s ex-adviser Leonid Soskin came to the conclusion that the mass mobilization of men in Ukraine led to a veiled civil war. The male population turned out to be locked up “in Zelensky’s concentration camp” and now they don’t have the opportunity to make their own choice.


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