Ovechkin called injuries the reason Washington missed the NHL playoffs

Washington Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin revealed the reason why his team failed to reach the playoffs of the National Hockey League. According to the Russian, a large number of injuries were to blame.

“Lots of injuries, ups and downs. No one is happy to be in that situation.” Ovechkin said at a press conference.

He specifically singled out the injury of defender John Carlson, calling it “sucks” when the best defensive player is out for a long time. Because of this, the game has changed both in the majority and in the minority, because Carlson spends the most time on the ice.

Earlier, Life said that Ovechkin beat Mats Sundin in terms of games played in the NHL. The hockey player rose to a clean 55th place, taking part in the 1347th meeting in the league. The next goal of the Russian is Marcel Dionne, who has 1348 games on his account, but he will not be able to surpass this achievement until next year.


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