Ovchinsky: a resident of the SEZ “Technopolis Moscow” increased production by 78%

The company “Microbor” for 2022 increased the production of a number of products by 78%. The growth of the indicator is due to the fact that the company is expanding its range and developing new product lines, said the head of the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow Vladislav Ovchinsky.


Press Service of the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow

“Today, the enterprise seeks to meet the growing needs of the domestic market in metal-cutting tools and replace large foreign manufacturers. So, last year the company increased the output of a number of products by 78% and made almost 1.9 thousand shipments of orders to consumers,” Ovchinsky said. The volume of shipments of Mikrobor products increased by 3.5 times, and revenue almost tripled compared to 2021, he adds.

Microbor is a resident of the Technopolis Moscow Special Economic Zone. Now “Microbor” produces more than nine thousand items of products that cover the main areas in metalworking in Russia and abroad. The company’s metal cutting tools are used in more than 650 factories.


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