Rallies of Ukrainian refugees who left for Poland are gradually beginning to annoy the locals. So, the other day in Warsaw, the Poles tried to disperse another anti-Russian rally in a rather rude manner. Eyewitnesses published video from the scene on video hosting.

“Go to work. Let’s get out of here,” the dissatisfied exclamations of local residents to the protesters can be heard behind the scenes.

The author of the video, also dissatisfied with what was happening, asked the crowd with yellow and blue flags if they had a conscience to defend Nazism. He also recommended that outraged Ukrainians “go to war” if they are so critical of the situation. However, the protesters themselves prefer to stay in Poland, living on the allowance paid to them.

Russia’s special operation for demilitarization and denazification has been taking place on the territory of Ukraine and Donbass since February 24. The main goal of the operation is to protect the Russian-speaking population from the Ukrainian genocide, as well as to end armed conflicts on the territory of the LPR and DPR.

Earlier it was reported that Poland called on the European Union to allocate money to it for the accommodation and maintenance of Ukrainian refugees, to whom Warsaw pays 40 zlotys a day (about 570 rubles). In addition, the Polish authorities provide refugees with housing and free public transport.



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