Osmatesco expert calls Black Friday a marketing gimmick

Most often, people make purchases on Black Friday unconsciously, succumbing to emotions. About it RIAMO Irina Osmatesko, the founder of the OSM company, told the PR Business Academy, a member of the Moscow branch of Delovaya Rossiya. According to her, among the most sold categories of goods these days are household appliances, gadgets, clothing, shoes and household goods.

“Many purchases are made online – these are subscriptions to services, services from the field of entertainment, sports and travel,” — added expert.

Osmatesco noted that in the current situation it is unprofitable to organize such actions due to the limited choice. Every discount must have a purpose, as it makes no sense to lower the price when there is demand. An exception to the situation are various marketing techniques that create the illusion of benefits.

“In this case, the entrepreneur receives an increase in attendance while maintaining profits,” she concluded.

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