Oscar Kuchera spoke about the attempted bank robbery by actor Andrey Bozhanov

Global Look Press |  Pravda Komsomolskaya
Global Look Press | Pravda Komsomolskaya

Well-known TV presenter Oscar Kuchera commented on the detention of actor Andrey Bozhanov in St. Petersburg. The corresponding post appeared in Telegram channel showman.

Earlier, the star of the series “Streets of Broken Lanterns” attempted to rob a bank in the northern capital. Law enforcement officers took the artist into custody, after which he explained his act.

It turned out that Bozhanov had a large monetary debt. According to the actor, he owed entrepreneurs 6 million rubles due to outstanding contracts for events. The artist is obliged to pay another 5 million to the tax service.

The celebrity admitted that he wanted to get into custody and thus avoid the persecution of creditors. However, as Kuchera pointed out, the artist faces 15 years in prison for this act.

“… a criminal case was opened against him (Andrey Bozhanov) under the article “Robbery”. Now he faces 15 years in prison. Difficult time now …. very difficult … sad, ”the TV presenter wrote.

He added that he has repeatedly participated in joint projects with the artist. In this regard, Kuchera decided to share his thoughts about what happened.

Meanwhile, the famous singer Vitas (Vitaly Grachev) got into a major scandal. The performer became a participant in a serious conflict in one of the karaoke clubs in Moscow, after which the metropolitan police began to check.


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