Oscar Kuchera doubted the ability of Maria Shukshina to think adequately

prt scr youtube.com/Trade UnionSoyuzSSR #TyrnyauzKBR
prt scr youtube.com/Trade UnionSoyuzSSR #TyrnyauzKBR

Actress Maria Shukshina previously called on Russians to write denunciations against their compatriots. Her position was condemned by the presenter Oskar Kucera.

Shukshina also criticized people who continue to listen to Sofia Rotaru and Verka Serduchka. According to the artist, with such statements, the actress goes too far and makes her doubt her adequacy. At the same time, the actor added that he was inclined to “not believe” that such statements belong to Mary, reports “Express newspaper”.

“I think that Masha has probably gone crazy. I stopped reading her channel. I think that any excesses are still excesses. If she thinks that those who listen to Rotara and Serdyuchka and other Ukrainian performers cease to be patriots because of this, then I sincerely feel sorry for Masha, ”said Kuchera.

Earlier, the actor urged not to stigmatize the stars who left Russia. According to him, they can just travel.


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