Orthopedist Aleksutov spoke about the main danger of flat feet


Traumatologist-orthopedist Sergey Aleksutov spoke with the publication The Voice Mag and spoke about the dangerous consequences of flat feet.

By itself, flat feet can be both congenital and acquired, because uncomfortable shoes, high heels and flat soles contribute to the occurrence of this disease.

It can cause you a severe posture disorder, because the foot is continuously connected to your back and spine.

You can expect increased fatigue due to the fact that from the wrong position of the back to your lungs, less oxygen enters.

Eternal headache is manifested by the incorrect position of the intervertebral discs and the crooked position of the neck.

In an advanced case, varicose veins can also await you, because most of the blood-directing valves are located in the bootleg.

To avoid all these unpleasant consequences, wear shoes with a heel no higher than four centimeters, orthopedic insoles, and if things get worse, then immediately contact a doctor who can provide you with qualified assistance.

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