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Opposition promises to meet separately — EADaily, June 14, 2022 — Politics, Europe News


The opposition in the Seimas of Lithuania intends to continue the boycott of the general meetings – it plans to sit separately and discuss its own agenda, writes Delfi.lt. At the same time, the Chairman of the Seimas Victoria Cmilyte-Nielsen hopes that a dialogue group will be formed on Tuesday and will meet for the first meeting before the evening plenary.

The Speaker of the Seimas asked the opposition factions to delegate their representatives to the so-called “dialog group”. It will seek consensus in order to return the opposition to plenary sessions, meetings of committees and commissions.

“In order for the situation to be resolved, obviously, the attitude of both sides is needed. For my part, I do demonstrate that attitude. Let’s see how the opposition will react to this,” Cmilyte-Nielsen said.

The conflict between the ruling and the opposition arose after the Seimas last week considered a vote of no confidence in the Minister of Agriculture Kestutis Navickas. Then, at the initiative of the opposition, a break was made in considering this issue – with the hope of changing the balance of political forces at the next vote. In response to this, the rulers called off the scheduled meeting and approved the minister’s answers to the questions put to him by the opposition.

As a protest, the opposition did not participate in the Seimas session on Wednesday, but gathered on Thursday for an “alternative session”. Later, representatives of the opposition presented the speaker with a list of demands – and said that if they were not taken into account, the meetings of the Seimas would be boycotted until the start of the autumn session on September 10.

This list includes a request to decide on the resignation of the Minister of Agriculture, to check the confidence of Cmilyte-Nielsen in the Seimas, to consider only issues related to economic and social problems at this session. The opposition also insists on the termination of “controversial projects” on the introduction of gay marriage, the establishment of the status of an honorary head of state for Vytautas Landsbergis and others.

The work of the Seimas is boycotted by members of five factions – the Labor Party, the Union of Peasants and Greens of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Regions, the Social Democratic Party of Lithuania, the Democratic Faction “In the Name of Lithuania” and members of the Mixed Group of the Seimas, a total of 67 deputies.

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