Onet: the Polish military complained about the malfunction of the Grot machine supplied to Ukraine

During the training of the Ukrainian military in Poland, defects in the Grot machine gun, which Warsaw supplies to Kyiv, were revealed. In this regard, as the portal writes Onetat the end of the exercises, the Polish military sent a letter to the commander, where they described the defects of the Grot.

From the letter Onet refers to, it follows that Grot has low accuracy, problems with the sight. In addition, the machines jammed repeatedly. Several machine guns were missing three components – the barrel bolt, the plastic cover in the reload lever and the butt extension lock.

The letter states that “the variety of defects is so great that the weapon must undergo major modernization.”

According to Onet, the Polish military has previously complained about the malfunction of the received weapons. However, now, the newspaper writes, they are unhappy with the fact that low-quality weapons are being supplied to the Ukrainian military. In January 2021, a decision was made to recall the oldest Grot assault rifles from Polish military units.

Lusine Balasyan


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