One and a half meter ball found in Japan may be a bomb

A one and a half meter iron ball found on a Japanese beach may turn out to be a home-made reconnaissance vehicle or an explosive device, says Ivan Makhotkin, a geologist and chief specialist of the Federal State Budgetary Institution VIMS. Moreover, he completely excluded the version of the natural origin of the object, since the size of known natural analogues barely reaches two centimeters and they do not consist of solid metal.

“They consist of iron compounds that are found in rocks ejected from volcanoes. More impressive balls are also found in nature. For example, in 2021, a volcano that revived on the Spanish island of Palma threw out several burning spherical objects, but they were not made of metal, like a Japanese ball However, outwardly it is quite similar to those volcanic objects, “ he explained in an interview with “Evening Moscow”.


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