Oncologist Pylev warned about the risk of cancer due to the removal of moles

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After removing a mole without appropriate tests from a cosmetologist, a person can get a malignant tumor, which is life threatening. This was stated in an interview with URA.RU by an oncologist, a member of the European Society of Clinical Oncologists ESMO, Candidate of Medical Sciences Andrey Pylev.

“If a person removed a mole from a cosmetologist, and it turned out to be not a mole, but a malignant mole – melanoma, this removal is not carried out radically. The person does not receive any additional examination, drug therapy. He has a progression of the tumor process, and he dies. If we are talking about melanoma, then this is what happens, ”said Andrey Pylev.

According to the doctor, people with similar problems often appear in specialized oncological institutions. “[В косметологических клиниках] the knowledge of a doctor is not always enough to suspect that something is wrong with a mole. If the removal is performed in such a place, there is no histology, or the removal is performed incorrectly, in the wrong way, then this is potentially a problematic story. I have many patients who come with melanoma metastases. When we start questioning, it turns out that they once removed moles from a beautician, ”he specified.

If all the rules have been followed, then a person cannot be in danger if he decides to remove the mole, the specialist emphasized. “Mole removal itself, if done correctly, cannot be a problem for a person. Moreover, if we encounter any suspicious [родинками]potentially dangerous from the point of view of the development of melanoma, then their prophylactic removal is the best and most effective protection against the degeneration and development of a malignant tumor, ”concluded the candidate of medical sciences.

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