Oncologist Nikolai Norkin shared an unusual secret of eating garlic


Recommendations on the proper use of garlic, including cancer prevention, were given by oncologist Nikolai Norkin. This is reported by the publication “Tsargrad“.

The doctor recalled that the clove of garlic contains two powerful substances: the amino acid alliin and the enzyme allicinase. When they interact, allicin is formed, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. It can become an indispensable virus fighter and immune defender, destroying pathogenic bacteria and turning on the body’s natural defenses.

To get the maximum benefit and enhance this anti-cancer substance, crush a clove of garlic and wait about 10 minutes. If it is crushed and eaten too quickly, then the maximum benefit will not be. Do not heat a clove of garlic as this will destroy 99% of the allicin and the garlic will lose its anti-cancer properties. It is also not recommended to put whole, not crushed garlic cloves in a stew or other dish. In order for the effect to be better, the garlic must first be crushed or finely chopped. Never mix garlic with vinegar, as this will reduce the amount of allicin. To avoid bad breath after eating garlic, the doctor advises adding some mint to it.

Previously medical doctor Oleg Zagorulko called the use of onions and garlic in infectious diseases “a useless exercise.” He claims that the presence of antibacterial or antiviral properties of these products has not been clinically proven in any way.


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