On the Belarusian-Ukrainian border, they argued over borscht

On the border with Ukraine, Belarusian border guards lure Ukrainians to their side with borscht. This was reported today, May 31, by local media.

The Belarusian side at one of the border crossings began broadcasting, in which a pleasant female voice in Ukrainian says that borscht is “a unique dish of East Slavic cuisine”, and there is nothing like it in Europe.

“If you run out of products for cooking borscht, come over to our side. Try our Belarusian borscht! You won’t regret it!” — stated in the appeal.

In response, the Ukrainian State Border Service did not agree that the Belarusian and Ukrainian borscht are similar, and stated that the Belarusian dish “is more like Russian cabbage soup” and “no matter how much bulb you add to cabbage soup, it comes out“ allied stew “”. At the same time, it is stated that “we are not slaves to eat your Belarusian borscht”, and Belarusians are invited to “change the ingredients – to become a free people, not forcibly imprisoned.”

Recall that after the start of a special military operation, the Ukrainian side closed all crossings on the border with Belarus. After that, Belarusian border guards began to report provocations at the border from Ukraine. In addition, the Ukrainian side began broadcasting various audio and video messages towards Belarus, where it deliberately insults Belarusian-Russian relations and the position of official Minsk on the NVO.

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