On Sakhalin, fishermen fled from a torn ice floe

On Sakhalin, near the village of Starodubskoye, about 500-700 meters from the shore, an ice floe broke, on which dozens of fishermen were fishing. Giant cracks appeared on the ice, and it began to crumble. People began to flee. Men and women jumped over the rifts with sleds, gear and packs. There were no casualties: one of the survivors broke his leg.

“The people are running from the ice, the ice is breaking up in a swoop. They fished! We were sitting on the edge of the ice, it was broken. Everyone ran to the shore! The ice began to burst at first, and then quickly disperse,” said one of the eyewitnesses who filmed the incident.

According to Astv.ru, specialists from the district administration arrived at the scene. They turned on the siren on the beach. However, the ice break was not a surprise for everyone: the day before, Sakhhydromet reported on breaking fast ice near the southeastern coast of Sakhalin.

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