On Sakhalin, a one and a half year old girl fell out of the window of a high-rise building

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A one and a half year old girl fell out of a window on the third floor in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. This is reported by the publication “News“.

The incident occurred on Aviation Street, the girl was taken to the hospital. At the moment, an audit is being carried out on the fact of the fall of the child, and an assessment will be given to the actions of the parent couple on the proper performance of parental duties.

Investigators also reminded parents of the need to follow safety measures and install latches and locks on windows in a home with young children to prevent such incidents.

The Investigative Committee emphasized that if the windows are open, it is necessary to look after the children in order to prevent such incidents. In addition, it is impossible for children to lean on mosquito nets.

Earlier, the media reported that in the Leningrad region, a child fell from the fourth floor, leaning on a mosquito net. He was taken to the hospital in serious condition.


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