On returning to the physical hearing Supreme Court justice said was feeling lonely now its good to see you


I was feeling lonely without you and it’s good to see you now. After a long time, when the physical hearing started in the Supreme Court, the biggest temple of justice, Justice DY Chandrachud expressed his happiness in these words with a smile on his face. The joy was evident on the faces of the Chief Justice and other judges and lawyers.

Due to this behavior of Justice Chandrachud, the faces of the lawyers who were seen in the stress of their day-to-day work also blossomed. Many lawyers said that the physical hearing should not be held two days a week, but four days, while some said that the hearing should be considered in the normal manner as before. After a year and seven months due to two waves of pandemic corona, the Supreme Court has decided to hear two days a week on Wednesday and Thursday, following the guidelines of Kovid-19.

Senior Advocates Rakesh Dwivedi and Ranjit Kumar thanked Chief NV Raman for initiating the physical hearing. To this, Justice Raman said – We can further increase the scope of hearing in the physical manner after Diwali.

Due to the Korana epidemic, the physical hearing was not being held in the High Court since March 2020. During the hearing through virtual medium, many types of technical problems including network had to be faced. Along with the judges and lawyers, other people associated with it were also facing problems. Many judges and lawyers had shared their problems during the court hearing in this regard.



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