On the birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, what the SP did in Sambhal is being discussed far and wide. Angered by the administration not giving permission to install the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, Sapai Gandhi started crying with his head on the statue. Seeing the spies crying bitterly, the workers made a video of them and then made it viral. Seeing the video that went viral on social media, people are commenting as a gimmick.

Former District President of Samajwadi Party Firoz Khan had also got Gandhi statue ready two years ago, raising the demand for setting up of Gandhi statue in the city. If permission was not given by the administration to install the statue, then the statue could not be installed. This year, on Gandhi Jayanti, SP leaders had announced to install a Gandhi statue at Chaudhary Sarai Square in the city. In view of this announcement, police was deployed at the office of SP leader Firoz Khan at Pakka Bagh since Saturday morning.

If the SP leaders could not come out of the office, Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated by placing Gandhi statue in the office premises itself. After garlanding the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi, SP leader Ghalib Khan and some other workers started weeping by placing their heads on the Gandhi statue. These leaders said that they are not able to install the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in the India which was liberated by him today. For two years, permission is being sought by the administration but till now permission has not been given. At the same time, when the police talked to the SP leaders, a letter has been given to the DM for fresh permission. During this many activists including Firoz Khan, Dr. Ajay, Qari Rashid, Nasir, Amarpal Yadav, Suhail Bukhari, Qasim, Zeeshan Khan were present.

People are making different types of comments

The video of SP leaders crying by placing their heads on the Gandhi statue is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Seeing this video, people are also commenting in different ways. Most of the people are pulling up the SP leaders for the video.

SP leaders cried at Gandhi statue two years ago

This is not the first time the sight of SP leaders crying by placing their heads on the Gandhi statue. The SP leaders who cried by placing their heads on the Gandhi statue on Saturday. Two years ago in Chandausi too, Gandhi cried bitterly by placing his head on the statue. This time he cried because of not getting permission to install the Gandhi statue, so last time seeing the situation in the country, he cried with his head on the Gandhi statue.

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