On February 24, the United States imposed sanctions on 80% of the Russian banking sector


Since the beginning of the special military operation, 80% of the assets of the Russian banking sector, including the ten largest credit institutions, have been under US sanctions. This follows from report US Department of the Treasury on the results of the anti-Russian sanctions imposed on February 24.

In addition, it follows from the statistics of the department that restrictions were imposed on 2,400 individuals and legal entities, 115 ships and 19 aircraft. All 450 members of the State Duma, 170 members of the Federation Council, 47 Russian governors, President Vladimir Putin and other high-ranking officials fell under the sanctions.

More than 200 individuals helping Russia to evade sanctions have been blacklisted by the US Treasury and the State Department. The Ministry of Finance reports that due to the imposed sanctions, more than 1,000 foreign companies have ceased operations in Russia.

The United States introduced a new round of anti-Russian sanctions on the eve, February 24, on the anniversary of the special military operation. The US Treasury has blacklisted 22 individuals and 83 legal entities. In addition, the black list of the US Department of Commerce was expanded: export restrictions were introduced against 76 new legal entities from Russia and a number of other countries. Also on the list were 11 Russian banks, including Credit Bank of Moscow, Metallinvestbank, MTS Bank, Uralsib, St. Petersburg and Zenit.

Read more about the new US sanctions against the financial system of the Russian Federation – in the material “Kommersant”.

Lusine Balasyan


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