Olympic champion Alina Zagitova caught the bride’s bouquet at the wedding of coach Daniil Gleikhengauz

Global Look Press |  Maxim Konstantinov
Global Look Press | Maxim Konstantinov

figure skating coach Daniel Gleikhengauz and a journalist Olga Pautova yesterday, June 9, the guests were called to a celebration on the occasion of the wedding. By tradition, at the height of the party, the bride threw a bouquet, which, having shown sports concentration and precision of movements, was the first to pick up the Olympic champion Alina Zagitovainforms the portal “Dni.ru”.

A crowded hunt for bride flowers was filmed and posted on the Web. Moreover, the celebrity did not comment on a similar sign of fate to an unmarried girl.

Fans in the comments to the video spoke almost unequivocally: Alina Zagitova is only 21 years old, and she is definitely early down the aisle now, even if her betrothed is a prince on a white horse. Others even advised her to give the bouquet to the older comrades at yesterday’s celebration.


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