Olga Zarubina commented on the rumors about the purchase of Pugacheva land in the Israeli cemetery

    prt scr youtube.com/OM Oleg Menshikov
    prt scr youtube.com/OM Oleg Menshikov

    Journalists previously reported that Alla Pugacheva, People’s Artist of the USSR, had prudently thought about her future and had already acquired her own place in a cemetery in Israel. Her colleague Olga Zarubina spoke about this.

    The media spread information about the acquisition of a double plot for burial by the Prima Donna in an Israeli cemetery. It was also reported that this is the oldest Jewish cemetery in Caesarea, where only very rich people can afford places.

    In addition, there is a belief that it is from this place that the Last Judgment will begin, and the people buried in this cemetery will ascend to heaven into paradise. However, the singer Zarubina does not believe that Pugacheva acquired land there for religious reasons. According to the artist, this may be due to the genetic “call”.

    “Genes are a very powerful thing, poorly understood. Because of this, we don’t fully understand a lot of what’s going on. Maybe Alla Borisovna somewhere in her subconscious has that it is in Israel that she needs to lie down, ”said the performer in an interview with the publication Prozvezd.

    Earlier, journalists learned the details of the current life of the Diva in Israel. An employee of the local cafe where the celebrity appears, noted her still beautiful appearance.



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