October’s most persistent scammer called his victim 1,145 times in seven minutes – Kommersant

In October, one of the scammers called his victim 1,145 times in seven minutes, said Petr Alferov, director of fraud management at VimpelCom PJSC (Beeline brand). The attacker was never able to get through.

“During October, Beeline’s anti-fraud system made it possible to protect more than 34 thousand subscribers from the influence of telephone scammers. The longest “attack” in October lasted about seven minutes. During this time, the fraudster tried to reach the client 1,145 times, but was unable to do so,” said Mr. Alferov.

In the event of a fraudulent attack, an automatic call to the subscriber occurs, searching for spoof numbers. Often, attackers switch to a new subscriber, but some try to test the strength of the system, they transmit “RIA News”.

The anti-fraud system is designed to block calls from spoofed numbers that, based on their characteristics, can be classified as fraudulent. On average, the system blocks about 4.8 million calls from spoofed numbers per day.

Alexandra Goroshilova

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