NYT: Putin-Erdogan cooperation irritates the West


The New York Times (NYT) analyst Stephen Erlanger described how the collective West is reacting to the cooperation of Russian leader Vladimir Putin with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The expert recalled that recently the heads of the two states have been actively discussing the prospects for economic cooperation between Moscow and Ankara. The corresponding development of events rather irritates Western countries, the journalist noted. PolitRussia translated the material especially for its readers.

“Because he (Erdogan. — Approx. FAN) provides Putin with a significant gap in the dam of sanctions that the West is struggling to build,” the observer explained.

According to Erlanger, Ankara refused to support Western anti-Russian sanctions amid the Ukrainian crisis. This step allowed the Turkish president to reap significant benefits, he stressed. We are talking about Erdogan’s access to cheap energy and profits from deals with Russian companies, the analyst summed up.


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