NYT: Germany refused to build a military plant out of fear of Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin at the final press conference of the Russia-Africa summit.  St. Petersburg, Vladimir Putin

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Residents of the German city of Großenhain opposed the construction of a plant that produces ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Germans fear that this will incur the wrath of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The New York Times reports this.

“Residents of the selected city of Grossenhain with a population of about 20 thousand people had a different opinion on this matter (we are talking about the construction of a plant that supplies ammunition to the Ukrainian Armed Forces – note URA.RU). Some in Grossenhain feared that the plant would anger Russian President Vladimir Putin,” it says in the newspaper material.

It was planned that a plant for the manufacturer Rheinmetall would appear in Grossenheim. The company manufactures military equipment and weapons. Some Germans have a negative attitude towards aid to Ukraine and therefore opposed construction, the authors of the material added.

Earlier, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev reacted negatively to the supply of Taurus missiles to Ukraine, which are produced at German factories. According to Medvedev, after assistance from Germany to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, attacks on German factories will comply with international law.


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