Nutritionist warned about the dangers of sudden weight loss

Due to a sharp weight loss, even a person with a prepared body can exacerbate chronic diseases. You need to reduce weight gradually, says a nutritionist, candidate of medical sciences Daria Rusakova.

The doctor recommended to undergo a comprehensive examination before starting to lose weight. If necessary, correct violations in the body.

“In order to process excess fat and not lose muscle mass, you need to gradually reduce weight, otherwise there will be breakdowns and the return of extra pounds,” the specialist told the publication “Evening Moscow”.

She noted that the rate of weight loss is affected by height, weight and age. The more weight, the more kilograms a person will lose in the first three months. The process of losing weight will slow down when body weight approaches normal.

Sometimes weight loss can be delayed for a year or even up to three years. This happens, for example, with obesity of the third degree. Then a person needs a comprehensive recovery so as not to harm the body and not worsen the situation. A nutritionist, endocrinologist and even a psychologist can help with this.

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