Nutritionist Solomatina spoke about the benefits of the main symbol of the Apple Savior


Orthodox believers celebrate today, August 19, Apple Savior, in which it is customary to eat apples. Life learned from a nutritionist, candidate of medical sciences Elena Solomatina about the health benefits of this fruit.

“Apples have vitamin C, there are antioxidants that protect this vitamin C from destruction. They contain iron, although it is non-heme. Many people think that apples can increase their hemoglobin. Unfortunately, not very much. Apples still have valuable pectins – these are soluble fiber, which removes toxins, radionuclides and excess cholesterol from our body, therefore preventing the development of atherosclerosis,” noted the doctor.

In addition, apples contain quercetin, a substance that strengthens blood vessels and relieves inflammation. And due to the content of potassium, this fruit well protects the body from diseases of the cardiovascular system. At the same time, Solomatina emphasized that apples are an excellent tool in preventing the development of oncology, and they also protect the body from premature aging.

According to the nutritionist, green apples contain a lot of chlorogenic acid, which improves digestion and promotes weight loss. Red fruits tend to be sweeter. It is recommended to consume no more than two apples per day, and if they are small, then no more than four. In addition, you should not eat fruit on an empty stomach, as organic acids can irritate the stomach lining.


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