You can control the amount of sugar you eat while still enjoying it. How to do it, said nutritionist Elena Solomatina.

AT conversation with Evening Moscow, she explained that basically a person resorts to eating sweets when he is sad or bored. If, during its use, you concentrate on the process, then you will eat less of it.

“If a person who cannot resist sweets sits down before eating and imagines how he eats this sweet, how it melts in his mouth, then he will eat less. in the gadget and talking with friends devoured cakes or sweets”– said Elena Solomatina.

She advises to eat sweets in small pieces, stretching the pleasure. Solomatina states that a good way to reduce your cravings for sweets is to become addicted to something. Various marketing ploys encourage a person to eat more sweets than he actually needs, the nutritionist concludes.


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